Parameters change


I´ve been reading many questions and topics about how to improve distance with DWM1000. We have the development kit with PANS 2.0.

We´ve been trying to change some parameters like data rate, preamble length and channel but no success.

Does anyone know how to do it via a code snippet or if someone from decawave could really explain if it is really possible and how to do it ?

Documentation gives several registers that could be changed and I’ m interested in register 0x08 where the transmit frame control is.

The documentation does not say that it is impossible to change these registers.

If anyone could help I’d appreciate.



Hello Andre

The 0x08 register is explained in section 7.2.10 of the DW1000 user manual.
Making changes to this register might prevent the ranging algorithm from working unless it is adjusted. If you want to optimize this part I suggest developing your own RTLS system, since PANS could be using these registers as well.

I would expect increasing the transmit power (register 0x1E) would have the biggest positive impact on the range, but do note that this could mean the transmitted power is to high to meet regulations in your area. As long as you only do this in a lab environment it should be fine, but especially when designing a product you should ensure the transmitted power density is not above the legally allowed values (and of course in allowed bands) of where you want to sell the product. It is possible to set the TX power with pans using e.g the utps serial command.

Happy newyear

Thanks for your quick answer.

Indeed , increasing power should help but it is not possible because it should be in compliance with regulatory .

We tried to change the register but seems that there is a kind of blocking access. I suspect that PANS doesn’t allow changing them.

That’s something that I don’t understand. They provide all the information, but why they don’t clearly say that it is not possible to change ? Why provide a development kit if you cannot change things by yourself ?