Parameter view or listing

Parameter values (.param <value>)might be derived from others, and it might be necessary to verify their numeric value. The workaround till now have been to add voltage sources with the parameters as values and measure the connected node value after simulation.

Adding a view listing all the parameters numeric values would be very much appreciated.

I notice that the header of the .qraw files lists all the parameters, but not the numeric value of derived parameters. I guess it is a good reason for that, but if not, maybe writing the numeric values here instead of the symbolic expression would be the quickest way to implement a parameter view.

In waveform viewer, right click > Add Plot, and you can force to display parameters value by typing their name in Expression. At this moment, data defines in .func or .param are not displayed in Add Plot list, but actually you can type and display that. Or you can use a .plot comment (waveform viewer must be closed for .plot in effect).

This is an example to show you can plot name defined by .param and .func

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Ah, thanks a lot. Using parameters in plot definitions solves the problem! This was a limitation in LTspice

Just realized a more simple method.
By including “.options LISTPARAM” can print a list of the evaluated parameters in Output Window.


That is absolutely perfect! Just what I was looking for. Thank you