PANSv2 and current Raspberry Pi Availability

Our company is really interested in bringing RTLS solution. We want to use DWM1001 PANS stack as it is, and build backend stack on top of is as for prototype v1.

However, during this process we found out that the Gateway part has to use raspberry pi 3 is not scaleable, since in the market Pi 3 is pretty much obsolete and no longer being sold in Mouser, Digikey, even Aliexpress.

My question is, will team leaplaps share an update for this?

@leapslabs might want to comment on this

Hi @arama
actually there is 12k pcs available on the Farnell and Mouser will have them by the end of the Nov 2023.

As noted on previous threads there is no way how to port the SW to a newer RPI as the newer RPI’s are actually worse in the term of precise time scheduling at the kernel level.