PANS New Release

Hi Team,

We will like to know when we can get our hands on new beta Pans release. We are running the first version in a live factory from over 6 months now. We understand we can not extend the coverage area unless we get new PANS release for which we are eagerly waiting for.



Hello to all,

We are in the same situation, we had a project installed over a big factory 200+ Anchors running the
PAN’S Firmware, we had to use several Initiator anchors to give coverage to all the plant, but the latency it’s High, we also need to expand the system, but it’s indispensable to have a Release date of the PAN’S R2 in order to be able to provide the solution to the client, it would be great to have an overview about the current status of the Release 2.

Best regards.

Hi Guys,

The release 2 is currently plan for mid Q2.


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