PANS channel customization


“PANS” is great and makes it quite easy to build a large system with DMW1001. Unfortunately, I need to customize my channel and PRF.

Since the source code of “PANS” ist not given, is it possible to build a own firmware which is based on the DWM1000 drivers, motion sensor driver, etc?

:frowning: I know it will takes a lots of efforts. But with the requirement for multiple channels. I have no choice.

Thanks for the help in advance.

It is possible to add your own firmware on top of PANS to support different motion sensors and other peripherals but the only channel supported in PANS is CH5 and the Antenna hardware is designed with this in mind.

Hi Kenneth,

thanks for your reply. Well, as you mentioned the Antenna hardware, does it mean that other Channel is not supported with the DWM1001 Antenna? Even when I build a firmware from the scratch which intends to customize my channel selection. :-/

The DWM1001 antenna has been optmised for channel 5, operating at other freq is possible but the performance will not be optimal.

Hi Zoran,

thanks a lot for the information. So, if I want to build a scalable system with multiple channel access, it is better to build with DWM1000 for the sake of the followings:

  1. Antenna Performance for diff. Channel
  2. Firmware customization due to the channel variation

thanks for your help in advance.

sorry for the delay,

yes the DWM1001 is optimised and certified for Ch 5. The PANS software that comes with it has limitations in which configuration can be modified.

If you build your own product with DW1000 or DWM1000 you can customise/configure it to which ever settings you need/want.