PANS 2.0 Increase Max Quantity of 30 Anchors


I understand that the PANS 2.0 has a limitation of 30 Anchors in the same air coberture zone, and it’s possible to add more than 30 anchors using big separation beetwen anchors (something really hard to achieve over indoor industrial enviroments).

So my question is , there is any variation of PANS or LEAPS where we can have more than 30 anchors in the same zone, I mean not for free, an especial Paid Version that support e.g. 60 anchors 120 etc.?

Best regards.

Hi @DonQuijote
as I recall correctly we have increased the anchor count from 16 in PANS1 to 30 in PANS. But this number is only related to the anchors within the range - please check DWM1001_System_Overview.pdf - chapter 5 Scalability. If you don’t have all anchors within range with each other then (which you typically don’t have) you should not have a problem. We have seen installations with hundreds of anchors covering huge areas in industry environment.


I Know really well the section 5 that you mention, also we had deploy a 189 anchors project using pans, what I mean is to have a different version of PANS eg. PANS 2.1 with the possibility to place e.g. 120 anchors (120 Seat Numbers) in the same range e.g. 30m x 30m.

is that posible, as a paid version?

best regards.