PANS 2.0 BLE setup

With PANS_2.0, once i don’t tick the BLE options in the DRTLS app, then i will never connect dw1001 again through BLE. Any wrong with me?

Hi Zylu,

Yes that’s correct, the ble will be disabled and you will not be able to access the device over ble.

If you wish to re-enable BLE, you will have to do it from uart/spi or from the web-manager interface (or over MQTT if not using the web interface)


How to realize it from web-manager interface? Any documents for it?

Hi Zyliu,

Have a look at the gateway deployment quick start guide in order to setup the webmanager. There is also extensive topics discussing it on the forum.

Once the web-manager works as expected, then you can click on a node and enable/disable ble:



Another question for PANS 2.0, the anchor’s position just as picture (1-8), point with red color. Testing the Tag with walking route C-B-A, the result shows that it can get 4 anchors (1-4) information at the point C, 2 anchors(5-6)at point B, and 2 anchors (7-8)at point A.
So I’m confusing, why the anchor’s count is 2 at point A, not 4?


all the anchor were been set as initiator

Hi Zyliu,

Only one anchor is required as an initiator, having more is redundant but acceptable for the system. Only one anchor will act as an actual initiator even if multiple are configured as initiator.

What is the distance bewteen A and the anchors 6/5. Is there any object in between the tag and the anchors such as furniture ?


it’s about 12m bewteen A and the anchors 6/5. The blue line in the picture represents wall, and there are no other things in the scenario.



I am not able to connect my phone or computer to my dwm1001 dev. It shows up on both devices and allows me to try and connect but can never complete the connection, thus meaning I cannot use the application. Any hints?

Also just to make sure, is the app called Ubudu RTLS?