PAC5526 vs PAC5527

If am evaluating motor control ICs for a design, can you help explain the difference between PAC5526 and PAC5527?

Hi Brett, thanks for your question on PAC5526 and PAC5527! Both the PAC5526 and the PAC5527 are intelligent gate drivers with programmable gate drive current, and a charge pump allowing for 100% duty cycle generation. The main difference between both devices revolves around the Current Sense Differential Amplifiers. Whereas PAC5527 has three current sense differential amplifiers (AIO10, AIO32 and AIO54), PAC5526 contains only one (AIO54). In other words, PAC5526 is best suited for single shunt tri-phase inverters.

Worth mentioning that by removing two differential amplifiers, we were able to enhance the GPIO count by 4. That is, PAC5526 has a total of twenty 3.3V tolerant GPIO’s and six 5V Open Drain GPIO’s, whereas PAC5527 has a total of sixteen 3.3V tolerant GPIO’s and ten 5V tolerant GPIO’s.

Everything else is pretty much identical between the PAC5526 and PAC5527, so you still get all the BOM reduction provided by the charge pump topology (reduces bootstrap diode and bootstrap cap component count), intelligent gate drive (removes gate drive resistors and diodes), and Buck Boost DC/DC converter (removes switch, diode, etc). Hope the info helps!