PAC52xx MCU Maximum frequency

Hi Qorvo,
I am interested in the motor control PAC5223, PAC5232, PAC5250 …
What is the maximum support for the main frequency of PAC52xx MCU?

Hi Brett, good question indeed! The PAC52xx family of devices can run at a maximum PLL frequency of 50 MHz. This means that when we are executing code from RAM, we can execute code at 50 MHz. Code executed from FLASH can only run at an effective rate of 25 MHz, so wait states are added to ensure the CPU can process instructions correctly. If you need higher code execution rates you can consider the PAC55xx family of devices, revolving around our 150 MHz ARM Cortex M4F core. As per the rating, you would be able to execute code from RAM at 150 MHz! FLASH code execution still occurs at 25 MHz, but there is a small cache which allows for up to 75 MHz effective speed execution in some cases. Hope this answers your question!