PAC5253 - Over temperature response

What will happen if the pac5253 is overheated?

Hi Brett, All PAC5xxx devices are designed to respond to high temperature events in a two step fashion. During normal operation, the internal thermal sensor monitors die temperature and allows all functionality to be present until the first temperature mark is observed. This first temperature mark is set to a 140C and is referred to as the “Over Temperature Warning Threshold”. At this temperature level, a warning fault/interrupt is generated. If the system has the fault/interrupt enabled, an ISR would be issued and the FW could then react to the high temperature as per the application requirements.

Once past 140C, system continues to operate normally, until temperature reaches 170C. At this temperature level, the system enters “Over Temperature Fault”, at which time all systems are disabled (i.e. gate drivers and AFE), the microcontroller is put under reset and in essence, the system protects itself.

Both the Temperature Warning and Fault have a hysteresis of 10C so once under Fault state, the system would need to sense its internal temperature go down to 160C before allowing operation to resume normally.

Hope this answers your question!