Override standard location engine output with custom location from user application

I understand how to create a user application that can implement a custom location engine and that the output of this could be sent via UART or via access to other peripherals which are available to user code.

But can the user code override the location of the tag so that any calls via the BLE or other interfaces (e.g. using the manager app) will report the tag location in the same way as is possible with the built-in location engine? So the tag operates exactly as before but the location values are from the custom location engine?

I am thinking the built-in location engine must write its output to memory somewhere and this is used when the APIs are called to get the tag location. Can the user application write to the same memory and override the values.


Hi Justin,

We are thinking of opening some APIs relating to the location engine (LE) to users in the next release of PANS. In the meantime, the source code of the current LE will be open to the users too.

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If it were possible to alter the existing location engine code and compile that along with the user application then this would certainly meet our needs. I can see why an API based approach would be cleaner but I expect that would take longer to make available?

Do you have a rough timeline to make the LE code and build available?

Thanks for the quick reply.

Hey Weibo, how do we get access to the current LE source code?

The plan is to release the current LE as source code, with an additional API to allow implementation of customized LE. But we haven’t figured out the releasing date yet.


Hey Weibo,

Thanks for the response. So two questions please:

  1. Is the release date realistically going to be days, weeks or months do you think?

  2. Would it enable me to add (or alter) the code so that instead of a tag sending positional data, it could send range data as well (or instead)? Possibly adding (or replacing the LEP command with), say, LER if required?


Any further update on this please?

Hi @Weibo_Pan,

Is there an Update on the issue? I’m really looking forward to a way to override standard LE.
Thanks in advance


Hi, maybe it’s a bit late but I’ve managed to solve your problem. I share the link

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