Output of dwm-simple example


I got the following output. I am using two dwm1001 eval board, one configured as a anchor and another as a tag.measurement Could someone help me in understanding the output? What is the number represented next to T? Is the hex number the anchor ID? In the last field i observed that the number 100 always remains constant. I am assuming it is represented as [x,y] .So, is it because i have just one anchor and one tag?


The number next to T is a timestamp, don’t bother too much about it.

Hex number 0x429B is the anchor ID yes. You currently have only one anchor and one tag.

The last field is not x,y. As you have only one tag and one anchor, you are measuring distance between them not a position. 207 is the distance between your devices. 100 is the quality factor which is irrelevant when measuring a range, as it is always 100.

If you deploy 3 or more anchors, you will get a x,y,z position plus a quality factor between 0 and 100 that will indicate the quality of the position (derived from the duration it took for the location engine to find a solution)

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Thank you so much for your response.
The distance represented is in cm right?

its actually in millimeters