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I have just tested the MDEK1001 in outdoor conditions in 3030 m Each Anchor from each other LOS. And the signal strength does not work at all. They just make work in 1010 square apart from each other. Anyone have any idea?

Hi Sara,

Is 10x10m2 the maximum distance at which you can get the system working ?

We have already experimented well performing system outdoors at 25x25m2 so I wouldn’t expect you to see such a limited range.

At what height have you placed your anchors ?

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yes, the signal strength was so weak around 20 to 30. I placed the anchors in 2m hieigh
Is That because I was outdoor???


I have been able to receive signal as far as 65m away from the initiator in an outdoors test with LOS. In fact a little bit more than 65m, as the rover was located 65m away from the line that connects A with B in the attached image, where A was the location of the initiator anchor. In the image the pentagons numbered 1 to 14 represent positions where the rover was correctly located.

These are the coordinates of the anchors A, B and C, in mm:
A: (0,0)
B: (0, 30000)
C: (20000, 0)

All three anchors were positioned around 2m above ground level.

Having said so, I had to put the rover (the tag) one meter above the ground level to make it work properly. When the rover was located at ground position the signal was too weak. Maybe this is the problem that you are facing, Sara?


We also have found that real range is less than 25 meters. It is far away from ~60m specified in product brief.
Very disappointed.

Hope you could help us to make desigion how to extend range. We got 326 meters max range on dwm1000. So it looks like we need to pair dwm1000 + nRF52832, but there are some questions about antenna delay calibration using PANS and hardware design: dwm1000 with nRf52 development kit flashed with dwm1001 firmware do not working at all.