Outdoor positioning system

Hi all,

Is there any evaluation kits from decawave that support the following features:

  • Long range: up to 290 m.
  • High accuracy: less than 10 cm.
  • Outdoor.

As the DW1000 IC enables the development of cost-effective RTLS solutions “with precise indoor and outdoor positioning to within 10 cm”.

Hi Nrekcah,

If you wish to reach such long range, I would recommend to use the TREK hardware as it offers full customization of the RF parameters.

Please have a look at the following application notes:

Please go though the documents to understand the theory, but basically to reach such range, you need to use a reduced frequency (channel 2 typically), a long preamble, and a low data rate.

Also you have to understand that any object in the line of sight of the signal may lead to an measurement error. The 10 cm is achievable for perfect line of sight condition which may be difficult to ensure over such large distances.

Last point, there are specific regulation regarding UWB in outdoor environment. Please double check the regulation depending on your country (FCC in USA, ISED in canada, ETSI in Europe for examples).

Thank you,

Thank you Yves for the reply.