Ordering Omnidirectional UWB antennas

Dear all,

I was wondering where to order the omnidirectional antenna (and just the antenna) used in the EVK1000 evaluation kit?
At Digi-Key it is just possible to order the whole Kit.

Thanks for your help.


Hi Bernhard,

I’m not sure whether the WB002 antennas are available without the evaluation kits. These are possible alternatives:




thanks a lot for the link. But I already got some antennae.


You’re welcome. Did you manage to find WB002 antennas or did you end up buying different antennas?

And btw, did you come across any directional antennas during your search? I’m looking for directional antennas. Thanks.

Decawave provides the Gerber-files, so we could produce them by ourselves.

We designed a directional UWB antenna by ourselves as well. What beamwidth do you need?


<90° should do it.

Okay, we designed an antenna which has about 100° as it is very small (although our re-design is much better, but the antenna was just simulated so far).

But if you do not care about size you can find directional antennas with <90° in the Internet as well.