Optimize the symbol properties

F3 key into symbol properties GUI, there 1st, 2nd, 3rd attributes, it is better to change to value, resr,parallel number(M).

For example, for a CAP, add a new attribute RSER=10m, if I delete the Cap value(mis-operation), then RSER=10m will be the 1st attribute, if I change RSER=10m to 10n, How did QSPICE know 10n means the CAP value or RSER.

1st attribute —> C,right column is value
2nd attribute —> RSER, right column is value

Capacitance must be the 1st attribute, otherwise warnings.

LTspice GUI is better and fast. Right click then display instance attribute, user just fill the value.
why not keep the advantage of LTspice.

Mike, is it possible to retain the operation of LTspice. much convenient to new guys, eg.
A voltage source, right click and entry advanced mode, a GUI to config source parameters.

Right click the value to change it, right click the symbol to edit instance attribute

Ctrl+right click entry attribute editor (like F3 in QSPICE)

When simulation finish, a voltage probe, current loop icon occurs, it is convenient to new guys.

QSPICE shall do more better than LTspice to be more famous, not only the algorithm and convergence, syntax compatibility, but also the operation to new guy never use LTspice.

A coin has two sides, the more complex, the more you know about spice syntax.

QSPICE offers syntax hints below the region that your typing things like pulse sources. It’s a newer GUI that replaces model dialogs. It is definitely a more modern GUI than one sees in CAD tools. I think most of the learning curve is simply adjusting to how computers work today.