Optimal range of UWB modules

Greetings. New to forum. Few questions as beginner. What is the optimal range (in meters) between UWB modules in both cases as tags and anchors for RTLS?
Can DW1001 module can directly provide location details (x,y,z) based on the anchors? Can we control TXRX based on a accelerometer input?

Hi Myabu,

Cam you please provide more information regarding the firmware you are using ?

The maximum ranges between anchors is about 25-30meters. A tag has to range to at least 3 anchors to calculate and its maximum range is about 25-30m too.

When using PANS application delivered with the DWM1001, then yes the DWM1001 configured as tag will give its coordinates relatively to the anchor position.

With pans it is possible to reduce the amount of position calculation depending on the accelerometer but not to control directly yx/rx. To do so you will need a develop a purely custom firmware.