Optimal Position Of Anchors

Hello, I have 4 Anchors, 1 Bridge and 1 Tag Node. What’s Optimal Positions for anchors to give max. accuracy? Should I Stick Them Straight To The Walls? Should They Face Center? and so on.
Thanks In Advance

It can all be very room specific so treat everything as general guidelines that will normally help rather than hard and fast rules that must be followed. One thing I’ve found is that for every guideline you come up with you can always find an environment where doing the opposite will improve things.

That said:
A bit off the walls if possible. Avoiding metal close to them is also good.
Facing the centre of the area.
In the corners not the middle of the walls. You get a slight angle dependency in the measured ranges so corners of the room are better than the middle of the walls, that way you only need +/- 45 degrees rather than +/- 90.
Surround the area of interest as evenly as possible.
Higher is better but not hard against a roof if it contains metal. If you need to get almost underneath the anchors then angle them down slightly.

Also keep in mind vertical accuracy will be far worse than horizontal. This comes from the geometries that you end up with, not a lot you can easily do about it. Whether this matters to you or not depends on your application.