Only get location whenever necessary DWM1001C

Hey, I am using DWM1001C firmware code PANS R2. I am gonna have mesh of anchors possible around 20 as it has to be implemented in a warehouse that is quite big. Each anchor is gonna have its separate battery cell. So, I want to make the power consumption as low as possible both on achors and tags side.

For this, I will be triggering a tag to get its location only when needed. Also I would like the same feature that PANS R2 firmware provides to configure sensors from Bluetooth for convenience. But as the code for PANS R2 is not public, Is there a workaround for it? Will I need to re-write the whole code again including BLE code?

Also I need to send data to cloud after receiving the location. So, what is recommended for above 2 scenarios?


I recommend you read the document DWM1001 Firmware API Guide.
It tells you how you can make use of internal functions and BLE functions.

I also recommend reading the document DWM1001 Gateway Quick Deployment Guide. It shows you how to use an RPI as a gateway, once you have the gateway it is relatively easy to transmit data to the cloud through MQTT

The anchors have no mode of low consumption by nature. So you should make your own firmware. although I do not believe that the low consumption in anchors results.

Hey, thanks for your reply.
The problem is I have to send data from tag not anchors. Each tag has its own wifi module with it. I believe that is doable but would like your recommendation. I don’t see of any gateway use here.

Here is my scenario how I am gonna make the system for so many anchors. I will assign each 4 anchors as group. Whenever I need location of tag, I will broadcast a signal from tag, anchors that receive the signal will reply back and will calculate the distance on tag for each signal it received. Anchor is near to tag, I will assign that group to tag to measure its location. After getting the location on tag, I will send that location to my ESP module to send the data to cloud.

Is that correct way and doable?


I personally do not consider it the most optimal. ESP is not ultra low power so battery use can be a problem. If your application requires it then it can work.
The low power anchors approach would have to make your own firmware and consider the synchronization and collision mechanisms (which is complex).
I recommend you see the document DWM1001 System Overview
And Performance there is detailed the operation of the PANS system.