Only data transfer with DW1000

Hello Dear.

I want to periodically send 2 bytes of data wirelessly.(period : 100usec)

And I want to receive periodically transmitted data.

Can I possible?

IN DW1000 datasheet V2.09_29page_Table25:Operational Modes…
- MODE6, 6.8Mbps, 16 PRF(MHz), 128 Preamble symbols, 127 data bytes, 287 Packet Duration(us)
=> Data transfer, Short Range, Short Payload

If I want to send just 2byte, allways packet duration is 287us?

Sorry about my English…

The table in the datasheet shows typical values in order to estimate power profiles.
Payload is possible from zero to 127 or 1023 bytes of data (if extended length of data is used) .
So 2 bytes of data is possible. eg in our example code we have a blink message with 0 payload.
Anyways, please consult our example API and APS013 our application note on Two Way Ranging.

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