On startup Qspice shows an uninstall screen and does not start

This has happened on two of our computers at our workplace. IT installed Qspice and now, some time later, all we get is a ‘Thank you for trying Qspice’ and the option to Uninstall. Can’t tell you what version it was. Qspice is not free anymore?


Hi, didymus7.

I think that, if QSpice can’t successfully check for updates every month or so (maybe less), it may do this. That’s just based on some vague recollection so I might be wrong.

Do the computers in question have internet privileges?


Yes, the computers in question have internet access, but I have no idea if specific sites are blocked out. However, when Qspice was installed, it did work, the problem came later. Don’t know how much later as it took a while to get the time to learn it.

Hmm. @Jeff_Strang, is this what QSpice does when it can’t phone the mother-ship? If so, is there a workaround?

I experienced the same. I hadn’t used it since last October. My account was expunged? I re-created my account (maybe not neccessary) and re-installed qspice.

Now it works fine.
Good luck!

My colleagues have also experienced this issue. It appears that if Qspice remains inactive for a period of time, it automatically uninstalls during its execution. Instead of prompting for an update, a pop-up for uninstallation appears. (it seems not related to internet connect, but if inactive for a period, the option is uninstall instead of update).

Jeff did mention about a timer in Qspice.
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Mike mentioned offline installer is in their plan.
Offline installer for QSPICE - QSPICE - Qorvo Tech Forum

Considering that Qspice is undergoing frequent changes, there is a valid concern regarding people reporting issues from using outdated versions. Given the workload of the developers, it is indeed true that Qspice should enforce updates to prevent such problems.

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When QSPICE is not updated for an extended period of time, it expires itself. One does not need to uninstall it–just do an update, if the program allows it, or reinstall the software.

The reason for implementing this feature is that the software is in active development, and we want to prevent any issue from an older, out-of-date version.

Please be assured that QSPICE is free and will remain free. Just keep your version updated and keep simulating. :slight_smile:

Thanks for using QSPICE.

Thanks for the official answer, however, at least on the unknown version that was installed, there are only the options to uninstall or cancel. Cancel just drops you back to the desktop. Having the option to update would have been a good idea.

Yes, older versions of QSPICE did not have the “update” option. Newer builds do have this option. I can’t recall exactly when we made the switch to the new option, but if you have updated in the last month or two, you shouldn’t have this ‘uninstall only’ issue.

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Thanks, Jeff. We will go through the painful process of having the IT department ‘update’ Qspice.

Thank you for your patience. Soon enough, we’ll consider QSPICE ready for off-line installations, and we’ll remove the requirement for periodic updates.