Obtaining Positions of Multiple Tags for Multiple Nodes

Hello, and thank you for providing the new SDK.

In the current sample source code for the SDK, it is possible to obtain the position of one node for multiple tags, but it is not possible to obtain the position of one or more tags for multiple nodes.

Is there any plan to provide a feature in the SDK source code that allows the position of one or more tags to be obtained for multiple nodes?

Thank you.

Hi @toku,

Can you explain more your point ?
In the SDK we’re not providing final position. We’re only providing distances and then you can calulate the position if you want.
Today, the SDK is supporting only one to many ranging. This means one ranging initiator and multiple ranging responders.

Many to many ranging is not yet supported.


Thank you for answering my vague question. I would like to do multi-to-multi ranging using the SDK, so I will investigate further and consider development if necessary.

part of the problem is the use of BLE connection as the transport for the ranging data.

currently BLE only supports 1:1 connection, not many:1

one could use a different transport, like wifi, but I have to join the network, and then you might lose internet access while connected to the local beacon network

but it’s also unlikey that the firmware can differentiate between sources

I don’t get your point about loosing internet access? If you’d use a local network and MQTT as a protocol you’d have the same situation as with BLE, just with a different protocol. The possibility of the device loosing connection to the network would be the same as with BLE tho. You wouldn’t need access to the internet tho, as it is all processed locally.


well, consider an arbitrary room in in a building, with no internet service available in the building.,

now you want to use wifi for the beacon transport instead of ble.

so you have to create your OWN network. (one box is the ‘dhcp server’ and the rest connect there

now, you need some data from the internet to complete some task on your ‘beacon’ viewing device…
but you can’t switch off the beacon network , to use phone newtork. and u cant access phone network thru beacon network. as the dhcp server doesn’t have upstream connection…

MQTT requires some ip based transport

our solution runs into this problem ALL the time… I would LOVE to use wifi… but I need the ssid and password on every beacon box… oops, won’t allow on the building network (if there was one)
SO much fun…