Obtaining Positions of Multiple Tags for Multiple Nodes

Hello, and thank you for providing the new SDK.

In the current sample source code for the SDK, it is possible to obtain the position of one node for multiple tags, but it is not possible to obtain the position of one or more tags for multiple nodes.

Is there any plan to provide a feature in the SDK source code that allows the position of one or more tags to be obtained for multiple nodes?

Thank you.

Hi @toku,

Can you explain more your point ?
In the SDK we’re not providing final position. We’re only providing distances and then you can calulate the position if you want.
Today, the SDK is supporting only one to many ranging. This means one ranging initiator and multiple ranging responders.

Many to many ranging is not yet supported.


Thank you for answering my vague question. I would like to do multi-to-multi ranging using the SDK, so I will investigate further and consider development if necessary.