Obtaining distance to anchors DWM1001

I have been away from the Decawave for a while and now unsure about this.
Can I use a serial command to Tag to obtain distance to any anchors in range?

If so, what is the best command to use and is there a minimum number of anchors required? (I will have one set as coordinator ID “0”. I do NOT require location of Tag, only distance to Anchors.


Hi Orbitcomes,

In user shell mode, the command LES will provide distance to maximum 4 anchors and then the position calculated based on those 4 distances.

You cannot select which anchor the tag is ranging too, it is automatically selected by the tag itself.

Thank you,

Thanks, I have figured out how to range to any anchor now and also some thing I had been trying to solve for a while - how to have ad-hoc nodes all range with each other without collision or require a bunch of anchors.

Finally I can do something useful with the Deca technology that solves some industrial problems.