NXP Trimension UWB IC Familiy

NXP Just launch some days ago their new IC family Trimension for UWB Applications with 4 Different ICs

The question is:

The NXP ICs are RF compatible in communication with the DW1000?

NXP Trimension

Sorry if this is not an adequate place to post this,

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It’s very slim on details but they look to be closer to the DW3000 than the DW1000, same frequencies and same dual Rx ability to calculate angle of arrival. There is some overlap in supported bands with the DW1000.
Everyone claims standards compatibility so in theory with the correct configuration and firmware they could interact. Just how true that turns out to be we’ll have to wait and see.

They have MCU onboard and some internal libraries. Depending on how flexible the SDK is… I am 100% sure (from other sources) that this chip is compatible on channel 5 and 802.15.4a with DW1000. Ok, the angle of arrival would not work and security would not work.
Actually, AoA will work if use Beta PDoA kit based on 2 DW1000 as a nod. But not vice-versa.

1000Euro pricing is not huge, but not a small Decawave is selling MDEK with 12 modules for $200 for several years :slight_smile: