Not receiving positions from tags


I initially used plastic protective cases. however with them, I believe that the signal dropped so much that I couldn’t even receive the information through the listener (connected to a pc) that is about 10m from the first anchor (which surprised me, I didn’t expect to block the signal that way).

When I removed the anchors from the plastic boxes I was able to receive the tag position readings.

However, these tags had to stay about 2 meters from the listener to work, further away from that, it stopped receiving the information.

These readings that I am referring to were captured via a listener connected to the PC, when the tags are stopped, I got very fast readings (about 3 every 100/ms), but when the tags move, the readings drop to 1 every 3 seconds. (I set it to 100ms for “Normal update rate” and "Stationary update rate)

I wrote a code in Python that connects to the tag listener via USB and executes the “lec” command, and that way I receive information about the positions of the tags).

When I installed it in a room (5m x 4m) using 4 anchors, the readings both with the tags stopped and in motion were very fast (about 3 readings every 100ms)

The area I’m using is 47m by 27m, with no obstacles, and I’ve installed 6 anchors, 3 on each side, over 47m.

I was not able to view the tags in the android app via cell phone, perhaps because of the bluetooth range in this large area.

I don’t know if I’m providing you with all the information you need to understand and help me, but I really need to quickly access (100/ms) the positions of the tags via PC in this area.

Thank you very much for your help


Sometimes it even stops the reception of data by the listener.
Should I install more anchors?