Not able to register the DLLs for Windows File Explorer previewing

I tried to install the File Explorer previewer, and I get an error message. I ran the SetupHandlerDLLs.exe with administrator rights. Could cause the error because my installation is on drive E? After the error I installed on drive C and the installation was successful and previewing works now.

Unfortunately I did not try it after the first (drive E) installation, so I do not tell if it worked in spite of the error message or the second installation on drive C fixed the things.

I don’t have a solid answer to your question. If other users have similar reports, please let us know.

My experience is:
E:\Program Files\QSPICE\ → dll registration dont work
C:\Program Files\QSPICE → works

(same drives here)

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interesting- thank you. We’ll look into this.

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