Noob question, distance sensing between running athletes

Hi guys,

I train with the Olympic running coach here in Colombia and am working on a project. I’m trying to develop something where sensors detect if two runners have more than x meters of distance between them. Both of them would wear something, e.g. a belt, with transceivers and electronics inside. If there’s more than x meters of distance between the two of them, a light or sound will be emitted.

I’ve been reading up on distance sensing between moving objects and it seems like a difficult thing to reliably do. UWB sensing looks like one of the better solutions. Would it be possible to develop something like what I described above using DW1000 transceivers?

Thank you for reading.

Hi Mitch

I know some of the guys in the forum are working on this , see: Distance Measurment with dwm1001 [CORONA TRACKING].


Hi Leo, yeah I’ve seen that thread but didn’t want to hijack it. Also I’m pretty new to all of this so an ELI5 would be useful :blush: