noob pcb design suggestion for dwm1001

Hello guys,

I am a noob of EE but I need to design a PCB for my project. As for now, I am using the DWM1001-Dev board and UART communicating with an MCU(Xtensa LX6 on ESP32) breakout board and everything works pretty well. So it’s time for me to integrate all the stuff together into one single PCB. I think can use the DWM1001 module instead of the DEV board on the PCB. Since I don’t have PCB design experience before, it takes me a lot of time to figure out the schematic.

I notice that the DWM1001-DEV has BQ24092DGQ Battery Management ICs and RT8059 PWM step-down DC/DC converter. However, my MCU can output 3.3V, so can I directly connect the 3.3V output to the DWM1001 VCC pin(it said the supply voltage is 2.8v-3.6v)? If so, I only need to connect all of the GND pins of DWM1001 to my MCU’s GND, and connect the VCC to my MCU’s 3.3v, connect the UART_TX to my MCU’s RX, and connect the UART_RX to my MCU’s TX and I don’t need to connect any other pins of the DWM1001. Is my assumption correct? Please correct me if I am wrong.

I have attached the dwm1001 schematics and my current demo’s connection.
Thank you very much for the help!




Pretty sure what you describe should work!

Much as I agree with the keep it simple philosophy you may be going a little too simple.
As an absolute minimum add a 10uF or so Cap between the Vcc and GND and place it as close as you can to the DWM1001 power pin.

  1. If you are using the MCU built in LDO to power the DWM1001 make sure it has enough power output. Often internal LDOs can only output enough power to drive the chip they are included in. If unsure an external LDO is cheap and easy to add.
  2. If you have a spare UART on the MCU then bring it out to a header somewhere. Being able to hook up something like an FTDI-TTL Uart to USB cable to your processor can be very handy for debugging.
  3. Same for a few LEDs. A couple of LEDs and resistors on some GPIO lines can be very handy for telling what is going on.

Hi Richard, how’s your projects going?

Anyways, I think your description should work.