Non linear model of inductor

Hey. Is there a model in Qspice of a non-linear inductor, similar to the flux equation in LTspice.
I mean a model where you can insert an equation of the flux(current)- which change the inductance as a function of the current.
Thank you.

Yes, it’s documented in the help file. But unlike LTspice, the flux based model handels transinductance, meaning it handles the derivative of the flux correctly from every input variable instead of just the current through that inductor.

However, what people usually want is just a saturating include. Use isntance parameter ISAT, also documented in the help.


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Inductor current is certainly one input variable. I assume that the voltage across the inductor is another input variable. But are there others? Does using “every input variable” create hysteresis in the BH curve?

This is an example of inductor model with flux equation. However, I have no idea how this equation works and just reference to an article in to build this example.

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