No space is allocated for user-created symbols

No space is allocated for user-created symbols. I had to insert the symbol into the Qspice system folder. There is no way to select a symbol from outside the system folder.
The size of the supplied component library is small and not enough to fully test the program.
I made an optocoupler symbol and calculated the circuit:

There is no problem to add user folder with symbols.

Thank you very much. It didn’t occur to me that you could make a folder in the system area of the program.

Alexander Bordodynov.

You are welcome
My folder is not under QSPICE installation folder.
This is more secure, because (with some probability) QSPICE may delete user folder(s) after update.
I didn’t check it…

I’m already having problems. I made a folder, but it is not visible from the program. How did you make your folder?
I would like the Author to make a special folder that users could populate and modify and not be affected by the update.

You should create folder with Windows File Explorer, Total Commander, etc.
Then, in QSPICE, click right mouse button on “Symbols & IP” and add folder.


Engelhardt is a genius after all. Everything is simple.