No response from neither android app nor tera term

I just used one UWB (MDEK 1001) to test the user manual, but it definitely did not work :frowning: I firstly used USB micro cable to connect. It connected to PC and I tried for 115200 baudrate and 8 (and 7) bit for serial port as mentioned in user manuel. It did not work. Then I tried to detect from my phone by the android app. It also did not work. I tried this process for three different decawve mdek 1001 uwb device but none of them worked :frowning: :frowning: Please can you tell me what am I doing wrong?

And also only red light is coming. Normally form the videos in youtube, I guess there is a problem here

Hi @Ege
I believe that your tag is blank - you need to program the DWM1001C with your software (PANS for example).