No GUI connection after firmwareupdate

Hi everyone,

after applying the firmware update 2.0 (April 2020) to my DWM1002 nodes, it is not possible to communicate with the them at all. The com port is visible within the device manager, but no connection via the pdoa gui is possible. By trying to interact directly with the com port via the tool ‘hterm’, I don’t get any response.
After reflashing the old firmware, everything is working fine again.
According windows device manager, all drivers are up to date.

Any ideas how to fix that issue?

Can you describe the issue more detailed?
Does the new v2.0 FW start the same way as previous one - flashing all the LEDs several time, then blinking the D11 green LED indicating that the Node searches for Tags?
If it looks dead the manual pressing Reset button would help (there is a problem on some boards with USB power-up sequence, we will address this issue in the next release).
And in order to exclude some obvious reasons - are you trying to connect the Node through the User USB (J9), not J-Link USB (J19)?

Hi alec,
before the v2.0 FW is able to start the same way as the previous one, pressing the reset button is necessary (as you mentioned).
After that, the LEDs have the same behavior as with the v1.1 FW (all the LEDs are flashing multiple times, then D11 is flashing, D8 and D7 are on and D20 is flashing). Nevertheless, the GUI software is not able to find the COM port and connect to the node, even though the serial port appears under windows device manager.
Of course I used the J9 USB plug.

Hi Florian,

I’ve tried to connect to the Node with hterm and it doesn’t work for me too.
Generally I use Tera Term or Putty as a terminal program.
So my suggestion at the moment - connect to the Node with TeraTerm or Putty, check that it’s working(STAT or HELP command for example), close the terminal and launch the GUI App.

Hi Alec,

it seems that your suggested sequence is working. Thanks for that!

Still it’s interesting, that a quick command via TeraTerm (or Putty) is necessary before launching the GUI app after the node was plugged in.

I think the reason is that the Nordic USB driver expects some controls from the host (RTS/CTS or something like that), the GUI doesn’t set them.

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