No connection with DWM1001C


We have got MDEK modules. We made our software and circuit board. It worked with DWM1001 modules (DecaWave) which we took from MDEK.
Also we bought DWM1001C modules (QORVO) and wanted to use them in the same board. We had all the same wire connections but it didn’t work when we used several different DWM1001C modules on the same circuit board (but it works with DWM1001 from MDEK). As we understand according to the documentation there should be no difference in pins.
Could you help us?
May be the problem is in firmware which is not supported in those modules?
UPD: we checked 5 dwm1001C modules. No one works.
UPD2: we also use mdek kit. 10 MDEKs includes DWM1001C Qorvo modules. 8 mdek boards work, 2 mdek boards don’t work. (they don’t answer via BLE, Uart shell). Before we used MDEK kit with DWM1001 module. All the mdek boards worked.

The problem is solved