No changes to the distance to ranging anchors


I have a problem with the distance to ranging anchors. The distance shown is the same as the original node position set and no POS output was shown.

Example of the output from lec command:


Anyone know what is wrong? Thank you!

Hi @fransensor
if I recall it correctly then when you don’t getting the then the tag cannot calculate its position.
Double check the positions of your anchors and check it with les commands.

Cheers JK

Hi @leapslabs , thanks for your reply - the distance between the tag and the ranging anchors are not changing and as you said the position cannot be calculated.

Would checking the les commands still help in this case? If so, what should I expect to see?

Hi @fransensor
les will always show you an output of location engine - you will get position in the case when it will be estimate the position or you will get NaN’s otherwise.

Cheers JK