I instantiated NMOS and PMOS to build a basic inverter. I am not able to enter the values of W and L. I tried right click as in LTspice but I didn’t work.
Please help.
Thank you

But if you put them in the spice .model directive, will it work?

Something like:

.model m1 NMOS(VTO=0.7 KP=60u LAMBDA=0 W=1u L=0.35u)
.model m2 PMOS(VTO=0.7 KP=40u LAMBDA=0 W=1.2u L=0.35u)

Yes TiT8 one can edit the netlist. I want to be able to use the schematic entry to enter the the transistors dimensions.
Thank you for your reply.

On the MOSFET symbol, Right Click=>Add New Attribute. Then type in L=.35u W=1.2u.

Or you can put them in separate text objects.

You can of course also add areas and perimeters if you want.