Newbie Listener example for Windows Box

Hello, I just received the MDEK1001 development kit and am anxious to get started. I was going to set up one of the units as a listener to retrieve the location information of another tag with 4 anchors set up. Are there any examples of code for grabbing this information form a Windows 10 box?



Sorry for the stupid question, after reviewing the documentation, this is very easy using a terminal connection to the listener. Just needed to read.

Hi, I’ve set a listener unit and the can retrieve tags positions.

One thing is not clear to me. Does the listening unit have to be in the range of the tag or in the range of one anchor (or all the anchors)? Is the connection of the listener done by bluetooth or uwb?

Thank you

These are great questions. My understanding was the listener talks to each of the tags, not sure what the protocol is used, assumed uwb. From their each tag communicates to the anchors (uwb) to locate itself and communicates that information back to the listener. This is just my guess.

You can disable the BLE in the listener to check if the tags positions are still sent. I think I tested this once and the tags positions are still sent.

In my opinion:

  • UWB is used for ranging (of course) and distribution of position info to listener
  • BLE is ONLY used to communicate with the Android app (for configuration tasks, and visualization of position in the App)


So i think that tags must be in the uwb range of the listener. I don’t think that the position is received from anchors.