Newbie - Can I transmission data to PC without RaspberryPi?

Hello everyone

I am new here with a full set of MDEK1001 Development Kit. I picked 4 units and set them as 1 tag and 3 anchors network just like andriod app instruction. The network works fine with the app as well as shell mode within Tera Term. I can see the loc/dist data in both method.

Now I want to know that how can I let these location/distances data transmitted to my PC (maybe saved as .txt or any other format //or// just input these data into a third program in real time like MatLab). I only have the kit and my PC(with Windows 10), No RaspberryPi.
Is it possible with a simple C program to finish my task? Does this program should run on PC or other device?

I have read all technical files you supplied on your website. And I understand I can use API to get them. But I dont know how. I was confused by different ways like UART/SPI/BLE. How can I set COM connection like baudrate with a C program like Tera Term?

Sorry for my naive questions. For any help, Great thanks!

Hi Mok, and there is no need to say sorry.
Yes you can , see section 7 LOGGING DATA VIA THE USB PORT, in the MDEK user manual which is attached.

MDEK1001_System_User_Manual.pdf (2.3 MB)

Thank you so much Leo!
I am using Tera terminal now can I see that it is pretty easy to use Tera’s log function to save everything displayed on the screen as a txt file. That’s really cool.
And here’s a further question. Appreciate that for any help.
Is there any way that I can fetch these real-time data from terminal and then input them into Matlab as real-time too? As I know, its impossible for Matlab to auto-re-read the txt file as soon as the txt updates.
Best Regards

You can use matlab’s serial interface to directly read data from DWM instead of using teraterm. I once used a matlab to visualize and plot IMU data in Matlab from incoming serial data. I wrote them for a long time ago but you can use them as reference to create a similar interface. Those can be found in plotter and visualizer.

Great Thanks Ozzdemir! I will check these functions tomorrow!

Hi Ozzdemir, Thank you very much for your codes. I want to ask you that did you use API throught other interface to let the unit keeps sending its IMU data before using matlab? I didnt see there is any API commands in your .m file.
In my case, I want to receive real time distances data from tag. So is it possible to use shell command ‘les’ first, then read those TLV data in matlab?

Besides, is that also works for NON-RAS-PI connection? I means that tag unit–>USB wire–>PC