New tag for a DWM1001-DEV + PANS system

I am working on a team project at a University and we are looking to implement an RTLS system. We came across the DWM1001-DEV boards and the out-of-the-box functionality with the PANS system is very appealing to us. Our only issue is that our tag needs to be smaller than the DEV board is currently. For tag functionality, is the whole board required? Would we be able to program one of the DWM1001 modules to simply receive and transmit back messages as required in the TWR system using a simpler board and battery?


Hi @rcc0049
the DWM1001-DEV is designed for evaluation purposes. As you have mentioned the whole design can be downsized.

In general you only need this:
SWD Programming connector
battery header
some device that will reduce the battery voltage to 3.3V which is needed by DWM1001. (You can use LDO or DCDC).
RGB LED - his is not needed but recommended at least at the beginning.

This all can be fit into a very small PCB.

I recommend to you do go and find some HW designer, who will help you wit this issue.