New Component: Logger V2.2 [IMPORTANT UPDATE]

To all,

Here is an update to my logger V1.0 component. Here is a link to my previous release of this component: New Component: Logger

However use this new version of the component. It eliminates the need for the “reset” input.
It is now V2.0 with the following user-friendly changes:
• Fixed Memory leak – Thank you Mike E.
• Added cycle var to know the first step.
• Removed Reset. Jan 1 2024 build adds Global var consistency across steps.
• Fixed issue with logging data across steps in a multi-step sim. (Ie. Don’t use V2.1)

The main goal of this component is to log important data into a csv file for post-sim processing. I use this in batch mode where I do not save a qraw file. The combination of Logger and batch mode with no qraw saves allows my multistep sims that would take 6+ hours to run to run in about 20 minutes. I then process the csv logged data in a spreadsheet to acquire the needed results.

Here is an archive of the Loggerx components that have 3-, 4-, 5- and 6- inputs.
It includes:
• The .cpp, .dll, .sym files
• Three test .qsch files to provide examples with and without step sims.
• A component datasheet to describe how to operate.

loggerx(V2.2).zip.txt (1.0 MB)
[remove the .txt extension]

UPDATE: I recommend using the V2.2 version of this component found here in this previous posting:


Sounds good, Thank you for the guideline.

Deleted post. Redundant.