New Bug - QSPICE Schematic jumping to random locations with component placement

Bug description: each time when I place a new component from the library, the schematic on the screen is automatically jumping somewhere to a random location. I have to scroll/zoom/pan around and try to find the section in the schematic where I needed to place the symbol. Probably with a little demo with a couple parts that’s not a problem; on a large schematic with hundreds of components this behavior is quite unproductive.

Some options before this issue is fixed

  1. Before drag a symbol from Symbols & IP Browser, in schematic, Zoom to fit with “Spacebar”, and drag the symbol
  2. Place component with shortcut (if shortcut is available)
  3. Place your user library devices or built-in devices (in C:\Program Files\QSPICE\Behavioral) from file explorer by drag .qsym file from explorer to schematic