New beta invites sent out today!

Hi folks,

We sent another batch of beta invites out today. As usual, check your spam filters if you’re awaiting an invitation, and thanks to everyone who has provided valuable feedback to make QSPICE better.


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Concerned about QSPICE for a long time, waiting for the next batch of beta, when will it be released?

Thanks for your patience. The next batch is going out this week! Contact me via direct message and I can check to be sure you’re on the list. Also, look in your spam folder if you haven’t done so already.

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Hi Jeff,

Do you know how quickly people registered for the beta that have got it by now? I’ve been eagerly waiting for my invite since the 5th of May, without any luck.

I just published a significate update the returns QSPICE to a state of zero outstanding bugs and then requested more invites to go out.