New Android App Issue

I upgraded five of my MDEK1001 beacons to the new firmware version this morning. I attempted to set up four of the beacons as anchors, with one as a tag, using the older version of the app. The anchors seemed to work fine, but I couldn’t find the tag. I realized I hadn’t upgraded the android app, attempted to upgrade on my corp phone, install failed (I think our corp policy disallows this regardless of the security setting).

I got a loaner phone (Pixel XL running Android 9), installed the APK directly from the download, and attempted to re-configure everything. After a few tries for each anchor, I got them updated with their proper type (anchor vs tag), set to active mode, and with updated positions.

It feels like the range of the tags to the app is much worse than it used to be.

I currently have the anchors set up on 4 walls in a roughly square, 2.62 x 2.77 meters, and 2.2 meters from the floor. Standing in the center of the square, I have the app open to “Network Details”, and I pull down to refresh. Here are a few screenshots showing three separate refreshes in a row:

With the old app, I never see anything like this from this range - if my phone is within about 10 meters of a tag that is running, it shows up in the app and allows me to edit it. Here I’m standing with the phone less than 2 meters from each of the four anchors.

Sitting at my desk (about 6.5 meters from the farthest anchor) I have the tag connected via USB, and when I run ‘lec’ I get this:


So this appears to be an app issue rather than an UWB issue.

I just started up the old version of the app on my normal phone, and I get this:

Any ideas?

The announcement thread said something about a web interface for managing the network - what do I need to do to use that?

  • Jon

Hi Jon,

Can you run “si” over UART on the tag and show on the output ?

The DRTLS manager (android app) hasn’t been modified significantly from R1 to R2. We haven’t observed those performances issues on our side. In theory I don’t see any reason why there would be such difference in performance. I’ll try to see if the R&D team has any explanation.

Regarding the web-application, please go through the Gateway_Quick_Deployment_Guide documentation.

Thank you,

I think there might be a problem with the “new” phone I was using. I uninstalled the new app, and reinstalled the old app - btw, it appears to have disappeared from the app store, I had to grab the APK from the previous download. With the old app, I can’t find any of the anchors either.

I’m going to switch this loaner phone for a tablet, and see what happens.

Here’s the output of the si command:

dwm> si
[000008.400 INF] sys: fw2 fw_ver=x01030001 cfg_ver=x00010700
[000008.400 INF] uwb0: panid=x5C00 addr=xDECAF914E8B34107
[000008.410 INF] mode: tn (act,twr,np,le)
[000008.410 INF] uwbmac: connected
[000008.410 INF] uwbmac: bh disconnected
[000008.420 INF] cfg: sync=0 fwup=0 ble=1 leds=1 le=1 lp=0 stat_det=1 (sens=1) mode=0 upd_rate_norm=1 upd_rate_stat=1 label=DW4107
[000008.430 INF] enc: off
[000008.430 INF] ble: addr=F5:F3:B8:78:A5:3A

I’ll update here once I’ve gotten my hands on a new device and tested.

  • Jon

Hi Jon,

We have removed the R1 app from the play store on purpose as it is not supported any more.

Hope using the tab will help.


Sorry for the long delay, had a bit of a family emergency last week.

I tested out the tablet this morning, and it appears to work nicely. I don’t see any issues so far.

  • Jon