Need to convert LTspice OTA device (type A) to equivalent Qspice model

I am using device LT1677 in an old simulation (in LTspice), and it uses an OTA device in the model. I would like to convert it to be compatible with Qspice. I’d appreciate any help or direction provided.

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LT1677.txt (2.3 KB)

The challenge is that, if pin8 of LTspice A-device is not connect to GND (0), it seems no equivalent way for Qspice Ã-Device to replace a A-Device.

In internet, you may locate legacy Pspice Linear Technology opamp macromodels. I can locate a LTC.lib in 2007 in this link.

This is my test with LT1677 from this 2007 library with Qspice, and compare with using LTspice with A-device in LT1677

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