Need of an offline installer for a network not connected to the Internet

Hello dear Support Team,
I have a problem with online installation. We need to install QSPICE on a network not connected to the Internet.
I tried asking my question via email to but got no answer.
Can you help us please ?
Thanks in advance

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The isn’t really used anymore. it would never give me “You’ve Got New Mail” message. Sorry you didn’t get an answer there. The address you want to use is the one on the Help=>About dialog.

However, regarding the offline installer, yes, we’re planning on preparing one but it isn’t done yet.


How DIFFICULT is it to UNDERSTAND Engineers are not idio*s and we all need a NORMAL/OFFLINE/Proper installer, be it *.RAR, ZIP.MSI, self-extracting Exe, Gzip/tarball… WHATEVER, just not a little sveral Megabytes Bootstrapper file pretending to be a “download”, it pulls actual files from FTP/server, we need ACTUAL NORMAL/OFFLINE Installer. Like it’s been in good old past & like LTSpice still is downloaded & most normal/technical softwares. Why don’t you offer a NORMAL standalone/offline installer file, NOT the putrid Bootstrapper pretence of a download ???

You need to seriously dial it back, he’s working on it, what more do you want

Yes, the offline installer is in the works.

Just curious,

If on computer A i install Qspice as a user (not admin)

Can I copy the Qspice folder in computer A to computer B, and will it work?

I dont have an extra computer to test…haha


of course…

I am just thinking it could be a simple workaround for people who need offline installer immediately…

I tested that and it work by just coping Qspice directory into a fresh computer.
But didn’t test if C++ can compile. Just ran a .qsch for that.

In general, I have no problem for the current installer method, many nowadays software distribute in this way. But of course, with offline installer is good especially corporate controlled computer. However, Qspice is still evolving quickly, not sure it is easy for Qorvo to manage offline installer distribution in current status.

Thats great to know to help people who cant directly install Qspice themself for corporate PC.

I am also curious with how Qspice team develop this software… the update is so frequent like can be a few times in one day.

What would be the pros and cons of releasing update ASAP vs scheduled update… to me so far I see no big issue that needs to be addressed immediately (at least in my use case for power supply simulation)

It is much, much, much better to have immediate updates vs waiting for scheduled update.

Kinda like that…

I appreciate the hard work of Qspice team. But updating the software almost every a day or two also feels weird.

Eventually, the pace of QSPICE updates will slow. SPICE has been around in one form or another for 50 years. There are a lot of models and use cases to support, and our goal is to be the most broadly-compatible SPICE tool available, with the caveat that we can’t do anything about other SPICE programs’ encryption.

If you don’t want to update your installation as often as we’re releasing new builds, you can ask QSPICE to pause updates for up to three weeks at a time.

We truly appreciate all of the fantastic inputs we’re getting from the QSPICE community.

And yes, you can copy a user-mode installation to another machine if needed. Everything it needs to operate is in the QSPICE folder.