Need help selecting the right product for Arduino based UWB indoor positioning

Hello everyone,
I am a graduate student, working on a UWB based indoor positioning system. I do not have much background in electronics and have only worked with basic Arduino till now. From the searching that I did, it appears that the Decawave DWM1000 module can be used with Arduino Pro Mini 3.3 Volts. But Decawave also sells the MDEK1001 kit, which has plug and play functionality.

My project application requires me to be able to tell the distance of the tag (in the user’s hand) to each of the anchors (fixed).

Can you please help me in selecting the right product between the DWM1000 and MDEK1001 kit, so that I can use it with Arduinos and be able to program it for my application?

Thanks a lot,

Buy an MDEK and you’ll be ready just out of the box.
I did it and it’s true.

Hi Yash,

I’m a final year masters student also doing a research project in UWB. Depending on your budget both are good options. I have personally been able to use dwm1000’s and even my own custom circuits with an Arduino pro mini 3.3V, using thotros dw1000 Arduino library. Certainly you will save a lot of money using Arduinos and DWM1000 or DWS1000, and they will be fine for simple ranging but there are also limitations to be aware of with arduinos for more complex applications which are documented on this forum.