Need help mastering Verilog

Hello everyone.
I’m starting to use Verilog. I had difficulty constructing a simple four-bit binary counter.
My output is a ladder, but I need binary digits. I found several examples in Verilog before looking into this issue and failed. Help me!

counter4.qsch (2.7 KB)
counter4_x1.v (233 Bytes)

Here is my understanding based on a note in Ø-Device (.DLL).
You defined q as output, bit range [3]:[0], which is a digital 4-bit register in .DLL block. But whenever this signal return to schematic level it become analog voltages (discrete 0-15V). Therefore, if you need q[0], q[1], q[2] and q[3], you have to build a decode circuit in schematic level.
I am not 100% sure my understanding is correct, just share from my experience with Qspice so far.

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Modify your method by taking advantage of bus in schematic to reduce size of symbol.
Parent.BusOutput.qsch (2.0 MB)
busoutput.v (505 Bytes)


Thank you very much. You helped me a lot.