need help for DWM1001 dev board multi anchors


i want to acheive multi tag and multi intiator within minimum amount of time. i tried some logic for single tag and two anchor, it works perfectly but i need to work with atleast of 10 anchors and multiples of tags, the point is, if i am work with the same logic which i used in my project definitely i got the timing issues, so kindly help me to sort out this issues , assist me with some algorithm for my neeed…
my logic mentioned here::

i programmed two devices as a anchors and one as a tag

if the 1st anchor send the request to the tag , at the same time the second anchor will receive the same message from 1st anchor, after that i disable the transmit mode in 1st anchor the receive the tag response, on otherhand the 2nd tag enable the transmit mode and send the request message to tag and 1st anchor, 1st anchor enable the transmission and wait until the tag give the resposne to the anchor 2. this process continues … i still confuse to sort out… kindly help me to acheive…

Thanks in advance

Hi Hmdra,

It is not too clear for me what you are trying to achieve. With PANS and dwm001 derived products, the amount of time is defined by the superframe. The fastest update rate for a tag is 100ms.

Could you please send photo or drawing of your setup ?

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with default on-board PANS SW on the DWM1001 the tags and anchors operate as defined in the DWM1001 System Overview doc, it is a TWR-RTLS system. If you need own algorithm, then you will need to develop own anchor and tag code/application.