Nearby Interaction Session Duration only lasts 90 seconds

Dear all,

I’m experimenting with nRF52850-DK and DWM3000EVB and both when I use the default Nearby Interaction .hex file and when I try to compile my own from Source, each ranging Session that I start with the default iOs Qorvo app doesn’t last more than 90 seconds. Is that a specific design or is it possible to code longer sessions somewhere?
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where can I find the default hex and where is the source code?


Hi @Ludovico ,

You need to change this line #define MIN_CONN_INTERVAL MSEC_TO_UNITS(25, UNIT_1_25_MS) in order to last longer than 90 seconds.
The value of 100 is not a valid configuration for iPhone and it will be rejected after a certain time. This is why changing this value will resolve the issue.

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Hi @wassim, thank you very much for your reply. The parameter is the one stored in ble.c, correct? Which value do you suggest that works best with iPhones?

Hi @Ludovico ,

Yes correct. You can update the value to 25 as suggested yesterday.

Hi @Ludovico, here you can find the Apple Documentation “41.6 Connection Parameters”.

And here are some other useful links on connection parameters: