Naming nets connected, in symbol properties disconnects the pin?


I don’t know the intention of this, but I assumed the feature was that you can name the net connected to a symbol in Symbol properties instead of pressing every wire in the schematics.
However when trying to name it, it automatically makes the pin invisible and gets unconnected ( I can’t run the simulation afterwards without several errors).

Anyway it would be a nice feature if you could name the nets here and just tab down to name the next net. It would be faster and a more convinient user friendly way to name and rename nets.

There are two ways to connect a symbol’s pins to nets.

  1. Draw a wire

  2. State the name of the net in the Symbol there in the Symbol Properties. If you state it there, the pin is no longer visible since it’s connected by a name and not a wire.

The idea is a powerful one. It solves the problem of whether you want to have to connect gates’ Vdd and Vss as parameters or draft the connections as nets. All CAD programs should work that way, but few do.


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