N-Channel MOSFET Symbol

Now wait, isn’t an N-channel device supposed to have the arrow pointing inward?


reference : https://www.baldengineer.com/p-channel-mosfet-tutorial-with-only-positive-voltages.html/mosfet-symbols-on-wikipedia

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You can press M multiple times to get alternative symbol in Qspice, but enhancement symbol has 4 terminals.

If you are looking for enhancement symbol with 3 terminals which more common used in power electronics, these are symbols modify from Qspice MOSFET and can work exactly as that (i.e. support NMOS.txt and PMOS.txt library with selection guide).

NMOS-Enhancement.qsym (838 Bytes)
PMOS-Enhancement.qsym (840 Bytes)


These symbols can be also be found in this Github.
Qspice/Symbols at main · KSKelvin-Github/Qspice

OK, thanks! Didn’t know about the multiple choices by pressing “M”…

NMOS.qsym (1.2 KB)
PMOS.qsym (1.2 KB)

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The truth is this one should be the default one as it is IMHO 99% cases used.
Screenshot 2024-02-29 152935


Rhino’s symbols are more suggestive!